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* Default needle type : L-Cannula needle

* Default needle hub type : Assembly hub

* Default cog type : CB4 (Please refer to the list below)


* We usually manufacture Cogs in 4 ways.

  CB1 (ST=Straight Type) – in one direction

  CB2 – 2 directions in 180º degrees

  CB3 – 3 directions in 120º degrees

  CB4 (SP=Spiral Type) – 4 directions in 90º degress (Major type)


  Cog-B L-Cannula 19G 38mm 0-0 120mm (Major model)

  Cog-B L-Cannula 19G 60mm 0-0 140mm (Major model)

  Cog-B L-Cannula 19G 100mm 0-0 180mm (Major model)


2LBIO P.png
2LBIO C.png
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